Cat drinking water in Slo Mo

Check out the tongue action.


Shaving the Cat…so to speak

Every spring we get our cat “shaved.” This is the fifth year running, and the second year we’ve enlisted the services of Better Kitty.

First, you might ask, “why remove the bulk of the cat’s fur?” Well part of it is because it’s cooler for summer. But a bigger part is that our old guy has lost so many teeth that he can’t groom himself properly and gets matted. And occasionally I’ve caught him choking on his own fur that is still attached to his body. I’ve asked him, “How did you kind survive in the wild with no humans?” He had no answer.

So here’s a little glimpse into the world of getting a “lion cut” for the summer:

After the cut, Sketch got a rinse in the bathtub and then got wrapped in a burrito. This is adorable:

Cute flippy tail:


Sketch with his Lion Cut, 2017

What’s Up

I managed to write one poem a day for the first three weeks of NaPoWriMo but I think I’m done. Yesterday I had no time to write as I was at the Puyallup Fair for nine hours in the cold and rain. I logged 17,000 steps which I think is a record for me.

I was at the Fair to support my daughter’s step team, Northside, which took 1st place in the Step Show competition this year.

Now this week, I’m going to be busy helping out at Sakya Monastery for Tibetan Buddhism, as there is a week long event for the anniversary of H.H. Jigdal Dagchen Dorje Chang’s parinirvana.

Busy times!

#NaPoWriMo 2017, poem 22

I tried a variant on the haiku form…multiple haiku with the same first two lines and different third lines.

Koi pond full of fish

Cute flippers, whiskers, mustache

I want to taste them

Koi pond full of fish

Cute flippers, whiskers, mustache

They sure look meaty

Koi pond full of fish

Cute flippers, whiskers, mustache

Google: no recipes

Koi pond full of fish

Cute flippers, whiskers, mustache

Seems they taste real bad

Koi pond full of fish

Cute flippers, whiskers, mustache

So nice to look at

Koi pond full of fish

Cute flippers, whiskers, mustache

Pretty, lovely fish

30 Days of New Foods: Day 18: Mochi Coconut Cream Kikka Sushi

With a definite taste of coconut, these squooshy, slightly sweet mochi balls are hard to describe, flavor-wise. I couldn’t tell what flavor the pinkish one was supposed to be but the brown one was sorta chocolate and the yellow one sorta lemon. The orange, mango. Not really my thing.









You have to see how this thing acts when you cut into it…



Don’t get stuck in your thinking

A few weeks ago I posted something about chronic pain and recently I realized that the same lesson could be applied to other areas as well. The revelation occurred to me when I was reading an article from the Southern Poverty Law Center about hate groups. I realized that in the past, I too, had occasionally had unpleasant encounters with people of different races. The difference between me and people who go onto become passionate in their hate for others is that I didn’t allow those negative experiences to entrench themselves in my mind. I just let them go. It seems that people actively involved in Hate really cling to their negative experiences, replay them in their minds, discuss them with like-minded people who reinforce their views, and thus cement their experiences as if they are truth.

As this video below shows, it can be challenging to take the leap to learning something new, but any thought path taken again and again will become easier and easier to follow. In this way, our thinking about certain topics, people, and experiences can become habitual. Some times that’s a good thing, like when we need to train ourselves to overcome a fear of public speaking, for example. Other times, it just leads to trouble, like when we convince ourselves through repeated thought patterns that someone or something is causing us pain or trouble, when there’s little or no factual basis for that assumption.



Because I like to up-end my own thinking when I can, this idea led me to ask myself what types of thinking are habitual for me, and how can I break of the limitations those habits impose on my ability to understand and learn new things? How can I become more flexible in my thinking? This is a work in progress.