Indonesia was amazing: 6…Malioboro

On the last day, several of us hired a car and driver and went to the famed Malioboro street where there are so many street vendors and shops. It was densely packed, and the amount of stuff for sale was staggering. As a Seattle resident familiar with Pike Place Market, I have to say Malioboro was a lot more intense and packed than the markets I’m used to. Still I managed to find some of the sweet Betawi coconut candies I liked from the hotel, and a t-shirt.



Indonesia was amazing 5: Temples Aplenty

It wouldn’t be “pilgrimage” without a visit to some temples (“candi” in Indonesian). We mostly saw the Buddhist temples in the area of Borobodur and Prambanan. Of the two, Prambanan was a much mellower experience with less people trying to sell us stuff.

In front of Prambanan, a Hindu temple.

Since I have already taken the trouble to review and post photos of these temples on another site, I will just direct you to my reviews on Trip Advisor, if you want to see (last I looked, my reviews were at the top of the list…Alyssa M is my name there):

Sewu Temple

Kalasan Temple

Prambanan Temples

Borobodur Temple

Pawon Temple

Our whole group at Borobodur

Indonesia was amazing 3

I had some amazing foods and meals in Yogyakarta. Our hotel had this stunning breakfast buffet. Here some other meals.

Novotel Yogyakarta Hotel Breakfast Buffet


I actually can’t remember where this was!


Ordering off the menu at Novotel Yogyakarta Hotel. This was one of their local specialties.



I can’t recall the name of the restaurant but they had the best tempeh ever.